company / business strategy

Vitateq Biotechnology GmbH currently develops competitive technologies for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and related pregnancy disorders. Vitateq has accumulated unique proprietary knowledge on the serum protein afamin which plays a central role in these diseases.

Vitateq has established an ELISA kit for quantifying afamin as a novel diagnostic tool for improved specific and early detection of metabolic syndrome, a globally recognized pathological condition associated with cardiovascular disease. Vitateq’s diagnostic ELISA kit is now fully developed and has already been tested successfully in several thousand patients.

Afamin has been shown to be associated in several independent human studies with the modern epidemic metabolic syndrome which affects 50 million people in the US alone. Metabolic syndrome is accepted as a discrete disease entity with obesity and diabetes as its most prominent complications. Vitateq’s findings will enable a single-marker diagnosis for this pathological condition and eventually lead the way to an effective therapy. The market for metabolic syndrome therapies has increased from $9.7 billion in 2003 to $12.8 in 2013 and has enormous untapped potential.

Plasma concentrations of afamin increase linearily twofold during healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies. In pregnancy complications resembling the Metabolic Syndrome, such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes, Afamin rises dramativally already in the first trimester compared to healthy pregnancies. Afamin will therefore serve as significant predictive early marker for such complications leading to appropriate therapy and improved outcome of affected patients. Pregnancy complications related to metabolic syndrome affect 2-10% of all pregnant women. This seemingly small market is, nevertheless, highly attractive since, up to very recently, no diagnostic tools and therapy strategies were available and the only “cure” of such life-threatening conditions was delivery of the baby. Therefore, early diagnosis with subsequent therapy has been a long-awaited issue in the medical community.

Vitateq’s business model currently focuses on licencing out its proprietary research tools (such as the specific diagnostic ELISA kit) to large international industrial partners for jointly worldwide marketing and distributing of its products.