company / personendetails
Titel:   MD
Nachname:   Budiman
Vorname:   Robert
Funktion   Business developement
Lebenslauf   Dr. Budiman attended the University of Graz and the University of Vienna in Austria, and graduated as an MD and obtained the Doctor Degree from the University of Oslo in Norway. Dr. Budiman was the clinical research physician leading a successful group to develop the first biotech medicine at Interferon Research of Bender in Vienna, an R&D center of the Boehringer Ingelheim, the largest pharmaceutical firms in Germany. He was selected to work at the German headquarters to assist key officers in a number of investment projects, global marketing issues, product strategic planning, and professional and R&D organizations. During this time, he gained B2C and B2B knowledge. He served as Director to Vienna of the Wellcome Foundation, a Nobel Prize winning UK-US firm that is known to create only breakthrough products. Dr. Budiman pursued careers as the Head of Strategic Planning, VP of R&D, and European Director to Hafslund Nycomed, the largest pharmaceutical firm in Norway. He then served as Marketing Unit & Medical Director for Serono in Vienna, the largest European biotech firm. He created the sales record worldwide for the company’s leading product during the 3.5 years of his position. He obtained experience in investing and marketing while serving in these various capacities, including developing some very effective models in sales and in the day-to-day operation of businesses. He was then appointed to head the North American Department of the Austrian Official Foreign Direct Investment Agency, where he set a record in the year 2000 by garnering an 11-fold increase of Austria’s incoming investment volume. Dr. Budiman worked extensively in the area of investment, today’s economy, profitable medical product development, and marketing. He build a consulting company, Dunamis Tech, to promote high technology and direct investment between Europe and California, collaborate with the Government & Commerce Agencies, local businesses, incubators, Northern California Business Angel, and Venture Capital networks.